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(A Bren Mk II with my favorite Bren MkI aluminum barrel.)

History:  The Bren gun began most directly as the Czech vz.27 in the 1930s.  (Incidentally, the Czech's were one of the largest land warfare arms suppliers prior to WWII.  A nice prize for Herr Hitler.)  'Bren' is a combination of Brno - the Czechoslovakian city of development, and Enfield Lock - the English manufacturer.  The most widely used models in WWII were the MkI and MkII.  Above is a MkI aluminum tipped barrel on a MkII.  The MkI can be distinguished by the pistol grip under the shoulder shock and a large knob to the left of the rear sight.  These relatively unnecessary features were deleted on the MkII.  Though a slower rate of fire and smaller magazine than the German MG34 or '42 it was used tactically on the level of the BAR or FG42.  A great recoil mechanism with long travel through a decently machined receiver  made recoil forces low and accuracy above average.  The Bren L4A2 chambered for NATO 7.62 is still in service today.

Country of Origin:
Great Britain (Czechoslovakia)
.303 British
22.5lb (10.25kg)
Feed/ Capacity:
30 round box magazine, 28 usually loaded for ease of the spring.
Rate of Fire:
500 rpm
Muzzle Velocity:
2400fps (730mps)
3300' (1000m) +

I no longer offer dummy guns due to the rising cost of Bren parts kits, lack of reasonably priced barrels,
and that it takes over a week's labor to do a good job on one.  I have sold off all of my excess parts.  Thanks for the interest!

Finally, here is a new photos of one I have built (dummy gun of course!)...  the old looking parts are the ones I use in my shop for fitting purposes.  The kit parts are usually very nice!
Bren Dummy Gun